Meet the Rileys


Meet the Rileys

We would like to express our thankfulness to be blessed with such a beautiful place to live and the opportunity to share it with friends, guests, families and outdoorsmen! Thank you for taking the time to consider visiting Rileys Outfitter.

Miles and Michelle Riley, with their two oldest children, moved from Pocahontas, Mississippi in 1998 on a leap of faith to start this small Mom & Pop “home-stay.” Over the years and along the way, they have added five more children to the family and they are a working family where everyone does their chores and help all guests feel welcomed.

The Rileys school from home and maintain a homestead lifestyle. A mini farm complete with goats, sheep, donkey, chickens, ducks and dogs enrich the practical life skills taught by the Rileys.

They are dedicated to Family, Community Life, Well Being and Good Labor. Belief in the Almighty (Father) and remembering His commands give them certainty in the salvation of Yeshua (Jesus) and sets the tone for their world view.  They desire to remember the Sabbath.

When the chores are all done and the guests are taken care of, you will find them on the river fishing, swimming, hunting, camping and enjoying life to the fullest.

Thank you for your friendship, patronage and being a blessing to our lives. See y’all on the rivers!